Nature, travels, wildlife... walking and observing the outdoors is a a place where I can show my photographs to you. It is also my personal blog, that I write in Catalan and English. Although mostly of my previous post in the blog are in Catalan, there is a "translate to English" button. I try to write more in English, especially when posting pictures of Australia, so I hope I will soon have more stories to share :)

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Some pics:

Common stonechat (Saxicola torquata)

Birds are always around us and they can give us splendid images!

Castellbisbal, my home town

A field in front of my house, where I have spent hours and hours looking for animals.

Australian pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus)

Pelicans at dusk in the Murray River, South Australia.

Blue pincushion (Brunonia australis)

Finding flowers is always a prize when walking in winter ;)

Female tawny dragon (Ctenophorus decresii)

Next to my home in Adelaide, you can walk in Morialta and find these beautys.

Close up pics always are amazing

A creek in Morialta, Adelaide.

You can see more pics in my Flickr.

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About me

This is me, Ramon, travelling in Peru. I always carry my cameras and try to caption everything surrounds me, especially wildlife fauna. I am a passionate reptiles and amphibians lover. I have studied and chased them since I was a kid, what made publish my first book (in Catalan) with Albert: Guide of amphibians and reptiles in Castellbisbal. We also did some exhibitions and classes for students of all ages. Although my job has usually been in IT (mostly Linux), I try to spend all my time outside, walking and observing everything.

I have spent most of my life in Catalonia, Europe, where I spent some quality time in the Pyrennes and Barcelona. Now living in Adelaide, South Australia, I work in a garden where I have the chance to learn from plants, and still find some reptiles!